My First Business Trip: Traveling with GNFP Digital/Germinder to the KC Animal Health Corridor & CVC.

During my internship with GNFP Digital/Germinder, I got the opportunity to travel to Kansas City for the conference at the CVC and the Animal Health Corridor. As a college student, finding opportunities to get real world experience is absolutely vital. Since it was my first time traveling for work, I did not know what to expect or how things would work, nonetheless, uncertainty would not stop me from making this trip. I packed my bags, flew to Kansas City and happily joined Lea-Ann Germinder, the President & Founder of the company as well as the publisher of Good News for Pets.


Having the opportunity to travel across the United States for work was a huge step in my career. I knew that GNFP Digital/Germinder was investing a lot of money to help me grow as a professional. To me, this meant that I would aid in all the projects, help establish relationships, assist with any task, and provide the most outstanding results possible at all times. During the trip, my purpose was to build the company to the best of my ability. I hoped that the company would be recompensed with hard work and a positive attitude.

I tried to have everything ready at all times. In all situations, I tried to be one-step ahead of the game. This way Lea-Ann would have everything she needed without having to ask for it.

“Can you take pictures of the tradeshow?” – Done.

“Can you get the gift bags ready?” — Done.

“Can you help me pack the contents for our table?” — Done.

“Can you take pictures of the Investment Forum?” — Done.


I didn’t wait to be given instructions, instead I tried to anticipate what would be necessary and have it ready before hand. At times, I was under stress or confused or simply tired; but I never complained. Instead, I tried to find ways to solve issues and facilitate projects so our schedule would run smoother (Lea-Ann Agrees!).

My favorite part of the trip was attending the networking events at the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. I got the chance to meet really incredible individuals that had achieved great things within the veterinary industry. I had a great time talking to industry professionals and building relationships with individuals from different companies. I was delighted to mix and mingle with all the CVC and KCAHC attendees! I met Kim Young, the President of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor at the “Women in the Corridor” event; she was part of the panel of speakers. I also bumped into Craig Wallace, the Chairman, who had a huge role at the Animal Health Corridor. Although they had such powerful positions in these events, they always remained charismatic and kind to others. As I indulged in different conversations with people, I learned so much about my own knowledge and character. Apparently, 4 years of college prepped me enough to give me the ability to talk to strangers about the advertising industry (I’m an advertising/PR major) and to have the confidence to stand my ground when asked questions about my opinions regarding those topics.


Naturally, I enjoyed spending extra time with Lea-Ann and visiting Kansas City. I walked around The Plaza, I visited the WW1 Memorial and made new friends. Lea-Ann and I took some ladies from the conference to eat at a traditional Kansas City BBQ at Arthur Bryant’s! We went to go get drinks afterwards to a Blue Room, where they played Jazz.


I also got the opportunity to attend a press conference. As an Advertising and PR major, I have read about press conferences, written papers about them and heard plenty of funny stories about all the things that could go wrong during a press conference. Very rarely, college students are given the opportunity to attend as part of the press. Even more rarely, do they get to attend a press conference and participate by live tweeting during the conference. Thanks to my company I was one of the lucky few.


I felt very grateful for the responsibilities that were bestowed upon me during the conference. Another incredible opportunity came up, when I was given the task to interview CVC speakers. While I was in NYC, I had done research on the background of the speakers. I had picked a handful that I wanted to interview, so I reached out to them and scheduled a time to meet. I was under extra pressure since this project was entirely run by me and the success of it fell entirely on my shoulders. I met with Mikkel Becker and Dr. Dani McVety, both young professionals who are successful women making their dreams come true. After each of their lessons, I walked up to them, introduced myself and asked to interview them. They were pleased with the questions I asked and felt grateful to be interviewed. We had so much fun filming and getting to know each other. They were both a pleasure to work with!

I grew in my knowledge of PR, in my professional abilities and in my character. I got the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone over and over again. Not only did I aim to step outside of my comfort zone, but to thrive in unprecedented situations.

This trip was once-in a life time dream trip for any intern starting at any PR agency. From attending the press conference, to the networking opportunities to interviewing the attendees– this trip was truly a blessing in my career.

And to add the cherry on top of the perfect weekend – I got to play with puppies.


Germinder Named Dog Writers Association of America Agency of Record

Goodnewsforpets Will Be Third-Party Digital Platform

dwaa dog writers association of america germinder goodnewsforpets(New York – June 20, 2017) – Germinder & Associates has been named agency of record for the esteemed Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA). Founded in 1935 by eight editors and publishers invited to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the DWAA has become the most recognized professional writing association devoted to man’s best friend.

Jen Reeder, an award-winning freelance journalist who was elected president of the DWAA earlier this year, said she is excited about the collaboration.

“I’m thrilled that we’ll be working with Lea-Ann Germinder and her team,” Reeder said. “As the new president of DWAA, I’m hoping to launch initiatives to help members achieve continued success and generally elevate, promote and celebrate the dog-writing community. It will be fantastic to have Germinder & Associates working with us toward that goal.”

The agency will provide strategic counsel, publicize DWAA events and publish news about members’ books on its platform. Germinder & Associates will also assist with sponsorship activities. The agency has already begun outreach to special award sponsors and will promote the DWAA’s annual writing contest and awards banquet, scheduled for Saturday, February 10, 2018 at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan.

“We are pleased to return as the AOR for DWAA, which is an organization near and dear to me personally. We look forward to working with this organization of highly skilled dog writers, bloggers and journalists,” said Lea-Ann Germinder, APR PRSA, President & Founder, Germinder & Associates, Inc.

About DWAA
The Dog Writers Association of America is the most recognized professional writing association devoted to dogs. Founded in 1935, the DWAA has grown from eight founders to over 500 members, including journalists, authors, bloggers, publicists, photographers, illustrators and media personalities. Under the umbrella of the human-canine bond, members cover dog competitions, health, training, rescue, pet fashion, veterinary research, working dog organizations, animal welfare legislation, fundraisers and many other topics. For more information, visit:

About Germinder & Associates, Inc.
Germinder & Associates is an award-winning New York City and Kansas City based agency that provides strategic counsel, digital publishing content, campaigns for niche markets including animal health and pet products. The agency was founded in Kansas City in 1998 and opened a New York office in 1999. Iconic initiatives include The Catalyst Council; KNOW Heartworms and the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. The agency is a member of the PR Council, a Diamond sponsor of the PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards and a Majestic sponsor of the Greater Kansas City Prism Awards. The agency will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. Follow on Twitter: @GerminderPR and Facebook: GerminderPR.

Why the PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards Rock

Germinder Gets PRSSA Leaders Perspectives

This week Germinder continued the celebration of the launch of GNFP Digital and also concluded its diamond sponsorship of the PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards. A special aspect for Founder Lea-Ann Germinder, herself a former PRSSA leader, was hosting a group of PRSSA student leaders from several PRSA-NY affiliated chapters at the event.

We were so impressed by these fabulous students that we asked them to talk about their experience at the Big Apple Awards. We are grateful for their appreciation of our sponsorship, but more than that, for what they said about their experience. What we got back made our hearts sing once again.

germinder prssa prsa gnfp digital big apple awards 2017

A total of eight students were named to the Germinder+NYC PRSA-NY Big Apple PRSSA Student Program. Pictured here with Host Lea-Ann Germinder, APR, Fellow President & Founder of Germinder & Associates are seven of the students: (Left to Right: Amalia Lytle – City College, Stephana Eghan – City College, Samantha Prete – Manhattan College, Lea-Ann Germinder, Jenny Carolina Osma – NYIT, Kelly Wells – Hofstra University, Kelly McLoughlin – FIT and Mahin Rahaman NYU)

“I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend the Big Apple Awards and to be surrounded by leaders and representatives from well-known public relations agencies. Being recognized as an outstanding PRSSA member encourages me to keep going above and beyond for the PRSSA chapter at my college.”

– Stephana Eghan, City College PRSSA

“I think I speak for the entire PRSSA attendees when I say, that this was a truly invaluable and career-changing event. Being able to attend the Big Apple Awards was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had and hope to attend as a professional in the industry soon. Seeing all the greatest professionals in New York public relations in one room was an eye opening way to discover what I can expect in the years to come.

These award winning projects and campaigns of the night inspired me to think bigger and work harder in my PR pursuits. To see that PRSA is a community driven force that takes time to recognize all the hard work PR professionals put in makes me even more eager to join PRSA once I graduate from FIT.

– Kelly McLoughlin, FIT PRSSA


goodnewsforpets gnfp prssa prsa germinder gnfp digital

Amalia Lytle, City College PRSSA chapter representative, was the winner of the 2017 PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards Gala Internet Scavenger Hunt. Here she is with Germinder President & Goodnewsforpets Publisher Lea-Ann Germinder, APR Fellow PRSA and Lytle’s cache of prizes.

“It was such an amazing opportunity that I am so grateful to have experienced.”

–  Amalia Lytle, City College PRSSA

“This opportunity allowed me to gain exposure to an incredible network of communications professionals as well as witness outstanding PR campaigns. I left the event feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to take on the future PR industry by storm.”

– Mahin Rahaman, New York University PRSSA

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to attend such a prestigious awards nights in the field of PR. As a devoted college student and an officer in PRSSA, I take my education and opportunities to grow in the field very seriously. At the event I got the opportunity to network with professionals from many PR firms and from people in marketing and communications.

Additionally, other PRSSA officers around NY and myself got the opportunity to network with each other- allowing us to grow our chapters by plausibly collaborating for future events. This event definitely helped me grow as an individual in my personal life, but most importantly as a professional.

Given the fact that I have yet to graduate college, growing in contacts within the field of PR can help me achieve internships, or just offer experience that I will need once I graduate. By accumulating experience and knowledge of how things are run in the world of PR, I am better prepared to enter the workforce. “

–   Jenny Carolina Osma, New York Institute of Technology PRSSA

There’s always time to give back, and encourage excellence. Following through on #GerminderPR’s commitment to PRSA and the public relations profession we hope to continue the ongoing tradition of nurturing young professionals with opportunities and mentoring for years to come.


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Germinder Introduces GNFP Digital

NYC Office Relocates To SoHo, KC Office Set for Crossroads Arts District 

New York – June 7, 2017 – Germinder & Associates, Inc., an agency specializing in the $67 billion pet industry, today announced an expansion of its digital capabilities with the introduction of GNFP Digital. With the introduction comes a strategic move of the agency’s midtown New York City offices to 175 Varick Street, WeWork/SoHo West. The agency’s #GNFPDigital services will be located in the new WeWork/Corrigan Station in the KC Crossroads Arts District. Those offices are set to open just in time for the Animal Health Corridor’s Global Animal Health Week annual events.

NYC Street Sign“We’ve always aimed to be ahead of the curve, and our Goodnewsforpets Digital platform is an example of that. Now with GNFP Digital we can extend those capabilities to other areas of digital communications. And, we see great synergy in moving our offices to a more collaborative creative space in SoHo and opening our new GNFP Digital offices in the Crossroads Arts District, in the heart of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. It’s a package we are looking forward to presenting to both clients and prospects alike,” said Lea-Ann Germinder, APR, Fellow PRSA, President & Founder.

GNFP Digital will apply Germinder’s well-honed brand of strategic counsel, spokesperson and crisis training expertise in the pet industry coupled with the latest expertise in the digital space. Reputation management services in the digital setting will also be offered. Companies and C-suite executives seeking to either enhance or revamp their digital presence can benefit from the services.

“In all the years, I have known Lea-Ann, she is always one step ahead in advising her clients on how to proactively engage rather than fight or ignore an issue. And, she leverages every communications channel at her disposal. She anticipated the impact of the Internet, the impact of the bloggers, and the impact of social media. She is disciplined in her approach and I look forward to seeing this next phase of her business unfold,” said Susan McGreevy, partner at Kansas City law firm of Stinson Leonard Street LLP.

Germinder publishes the firm’s award-winning Digital platform. curates news of interest and importance to informed pet parents inclusive of the pet industry and veterinary profession. The award-winning site was launched in 2000. Goodnewsforpets offers sponsored packages and is a sponsor of the NY Dog Film Festival, a national festival that celebrates the dog. The site regularly contributes both in-kind and monetary donations to shelters, rescues and not-for-profit organizations.

About Germinder & Associates, Inc.
Germinder & Associates is an award-winning New York City and Kansas City based agency that provides strategic counsel, digital publishing content, campaigns for niche markets including animal health and pet products. The agency was founded in Kansas City in 1998 and opened a New York office in 1999. Iconic initiatives include The Catalyst Council; KNOW Heartworms and the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. The agency is a member of the PR Council, a Diamond sponsor of the PRSANY Big Apple Awards and a Majestic sponsor of the Greater Kansas City Prism Awards. The agency will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. Follow on Twitter: @GerminderPR and Facebook: GerminderPR.

About Lea-Ann Germinder, APR Fellow PRSA
Lea-Ann Germinder, APR Fellow PRSA is an accredited public relations leader and animal health industry veteran. She has served on the national board of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), as a Trustee of the PRSA Foundation, and as President of the New York and Kansas City PRSA chapters. She is a member of the Women Presidents Organization (WPO), NY Women In Communications (NYWICI), the Fear Free Advisory Board, Veterinary Marketing Association Executives (VMAE), Veterinary Partners, the Cat Writers’ Association of America (CWA), the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA), and Women in the Pet Industry (WIPIN). Follow her on Twitter: @lgerminder

PRSA-NY Board Member Spotlight: Lea-Ann O’Hare Germinder

These are just a few words that describe Lea-Ann O’Hare Germinder, APR, Fellow PRSA and President & Founder of Germinder & Associates, Inc., a New York City-based public relations firm and publisher of niche digital content including the platform.


An accomplished media relations veteran, Germinder and her teams have successfully launched more than 125 campaigns introducing pet products and addressing issues in veterinary medicine. Throughout her career, she has been a longstanding supporter of PRSA. She began her relationship with PRSSA in college as the PR Director for her chapter, and has never looked back.

“PRSA is an amazing organization and I am incredibly lucky to have had them along my professional journey,” said Germinder.

Mentorship, and in particular a mentorship of PRSSA students has been at the core of Germinder’s career.  It is with this thought in mind that her firm, Germinder & Associates and its affiliated website, would sponsor the 2017 Big Apple Awards with a Diamond level sponsorship.

Germinder has taken a unique approach to sponsorship to support students of nine local universities—the future of our communications industry.

Coordinating with PRSA-NY’s Gary Bridgens and Veronica Mingrone with assistance from Lynn Appelbaum, APR, Fellow PRSA, the program will introduce members of each PRSSA chapter to Germinder & Associates and provide an opportunity for chapter members to not only ‘win’ the ticket but to also actively engage with the agency. To maximize the long-term ROI with students who can champion PRSA, the Big Apple Awards, and Germinder & Associates, the focus will be on selecting a current junior to represent each chapter at the gala.

Germinder & Associates will post student-generated content in a blog post or on its social accounts; offer a brief internship to the selected chapter representative, consider additional mentorship opportunities with the students and schedule a visit with each chapter in the coming year.

As chapters select their representative, the PRSSA attendees will be encouraged to post their own photos on the PRSA-NY Facebook page with hashtags referring their excitement to attend the #BigAppleAwards courtesy of @GerminderPR.

She has asked that the tickets that come with her table be given to one rising Junior level star from each PRSSA chapter. As one of the leading award shows in the industry, Germinder wants to ensure that students in the industry have the opportunity to mingle with agencies and corporations in attendance, exposing them to an incredible networking opportunity, fostering their relationships and enthusiasm for the industry.  In addition, she will present The Next Big Tech Thing: Innovative Technological Approaches to Execution award at the event on June 12.

“I am thrilled that my firm is a Diamond Sponsor for the 2017 Big Apple Awards, I enjoy giving back to the organization that has given me so much, added Germinder. “This is an incredible opportunity for young professionals at the start of their careers to see what an invaluable tool PRSA can be; and one day, I hope they too will pay it forward.”

Germinder & Associates has sponsored the PRSA-NY chapter for a number of years and also provided tickets to students at those sponsorship levels. This is the first year of a Diamond Sponsorship level. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event on June 12, tickets are available here.


Source PRSA-NY

Sponsorship Celebrates #GoodDogsInFilm with Contest, a pet news digital platform of Germinder & Associates, Inc., today announced its sponsorship of the national NY Dog Film Festival. The sponsorship kicks off with a contest along with the Goodnewsforpets #GoodDogsInFilm promotion, a year-long celebration of beloved dog stars of all kinds, past and present.

npr dogtalk lea-ann germinder

Lea-Ann Germinder, APR, Fellow PRSA Germinder & Associates, President and, Founder

“The idea of the #GoodDogsInFilm promotion came about after attending the venerable Sundance Film Festival. Sundance is an amazing experience, and true to the spirit of the festival, it nurtured an idea. I thought could play an important part in showcasing the role of dogs in films in a very positive way. They enrich the film-going experience – from the earliest dog film stars to home-grown movies to blockbuster films. We will celebrate all of them and more with this promotion, starting with the NY Dog Film Festival,” said Lea-Ann Germinder, Founder and Publisher of

Tracie Hotchner, founder and director of the NY Dog Film Festival is a well-known pet wellness advocate and author and recognized as the premiere voice for pets and their people on pet talk radio. Hotchner recently interviewed Germinder on her Dog Talk® radio show about Goodnewsforpets, working with veterinarians and pet professionals and the NY Dog Film Festival. The interview can be found here.

“When wanted to join forces with the NY Dog Film Festival, I was delighted to make a partnership with Lea-Ann and together go forward bringing the world Good News for Pets! Hotchner commented, adding, “I’m delighted to bring animal lovers together to share a communal experience of watching short films that celebrate the remarkable bond between people and dogs, while recognizing the great work of local animal organizations.”

ny dog film festival tracie hotchnerTo enter the contest, go to NY Dog Film Festival Founder Tracie Hotchner’s blog post and find the special key word to enter the contest. Entrants have the chance to win one of three copies of the American Veterinary College of Behaviorists’ book “Decoding Your Dog” together with three exclusive Elena Kriegner Goodnewsforpets sterling silver Heart-Paw charms. A personal donation in each winner’s name will also be made to a local dog rescue or shelter of his or her choice. Enter by April 28, 2017 for a chance to win here!

Follow Goodnewsforpets on Twitter @goodnewsforpets and Facebook

About & Germinder & Associates, Inc. curates news of interest and importance to informed pet parents inclusive of the pet industry and veterinary profession. The award-winning site was launched in 2000. Germinder & Associates is an award-winning New York City based agency that provides strategic counsel, digital publishing content, and national campaigns for niche markets including animal health and pet products. For more information contact Lea-Ann Germinder, President and Founder at or 212-367-2170.

About the NY Dog Film Festival

In 2015 the first NY Dog Film Festival™ premiered in New York City, which grew out of Tracie Hotchner’s desire as a pet wellness advocate to expand her Radio Pet Lady Network’s outreach to educate the public about adoption, health issues and philosophical aspects of pets in our lives. Hotchner created the Festival as a unique way of honoring dogs as true family members by bringing together like-minded people to experience the remarkable human-canine bond on film. The NY Dog Film Festival™ shares proceeds from its ticket sales with local shelters wherever it travels. For more information about the films, other 2017 destination cities, and how to buy tickets visit

Happy 18th Anniversary and 1st Week to Me By Casey Walsh

Germinder 18th anniversary

Today marks Germinder & Associates’ 18th anniversary as well as my one week anniversary as a staff member of the agency. The agency founder Lea-Ann Germinder has a strong commitment to mentoring, so she asked me to write a post from my perspective.  It has been an amazing first week and I am extremely excited to see what the future has in store.

For my first week I dove right in and have already had the true Germinder experience from the looks of it. Each day has been new and exciting and always different from the last. The Germinder team has been extremely friendly and helpful with my transition, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to not only work with but to learn from.

As the new account executive and social media content specialist and blogger, the best part of my week has by far been my role in participating in Germinder account activity and the Good News For Pets in Target Zero’s #LickMyFace campaign. I wrote a blog post for and got to make a fun video with my dog!

As seen in the video below, Germinder has brought me nothing but smiles and I am looking forward to whatever is next. Thank you for a great first week and happy 18th anniversary!