Why the PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards Rock

Germinder Gets PRSSA Leaders Perspectives

This week Germinder continued the celebration of the launch of GNFP Digital and also concluded its diamond sponsorship of the PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards. A special aspect for Founder Lea-Ann Germinder, herself a former PRSSA leader, was hosting a group of PRSSA student leaders from several PRSA-NY affiliated chapters at the event.

We were so impressed by these fabulous students that we asked them to talk about their experience at the Big Apple Awards. We are grateful for their appreciation of our sponsorship, but more than that, for what they said about their experience. What we got back made our hearts sing once again.

germinder prssa prsa gnfp digital big apple awards 2017

A total of eight students were named to the Germinder+NYC PRSA-NY Big Apple PRSSA Student Program. Pictured here with Host Lea-Ann Germinder, APR, Fellow President & Founder of Germinder & Associates are seven of the students: (Left to Right: Amalia Lytle – City College, Stephana Eghan – City College, Samantha Prete – Manhattan College, Lea-Ann Germinder, Jenny Carolina Osma – NYIT, Kelly Wells – Hofstra University, Kelly McLoughlin – FIT and Mahin Rahaman NYU)

“I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend the Big Apple Awards and to be surrounded by leaders and representatives from well-known public relations agencies. Being recognized as an outstanding PRSSA member encourages me to keep going above and beyond for the PRSSA chapter at my college.”

– Stephana Eghan, City College PRSSA

“I think I speak for the entire PRSSA attendees when I say, that this was a truly invaluable and career-changing event. Being able to attend the Big Apple Awards was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had and hope to attend as a professional in the industry soon. Seeing all the greatest professionals in New York public relations in one room was an eye opening way to discover what I can expect in the years to come.

These award winning projects and campaigns of the night inspired me to think bigger and work harder in my PR pursuits. To see that PRSA is a community driven force that takes time to recognize all the hard work PR professionals put in makes me even more eager to join PRSA once I graduate from FIT.

– Kelly McLoughlin, FIT PRSSA


goodnewsforpets gnfp prssa prsa germinder gnfp digital

Amalia Lytle, City College PRSSA chapter representative, was the winner of the 2017 PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards Gala Internet Scavenger Hunt. Here she is with Germinder President & Goodnewsforpets Publisher Lea-Ann Germinder, APR Fellow PRSA and Lytle’s cache of prizes.

“It was such an amazing opportunity that I am so grateful to have experienced.”

–  Amalia Lytle, City College PRSSA

“This opportunity allowed me to gain exposure to an incredible network of communications professionals as well as witness outstanding PR campaigns. I left the event feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to take on the future PR industry by storm.”

– Mahin Rahaman, New York University PRSSA

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to attend such a prestigious awards nights in the field of PR. As a devoted college student and an officer in PRSSA, I take my education and opportunities to grow in the field very seriously. At the event I got the opportunity to network with professionals from many PR firms and from people in marketing and communications.

Additionally, other PRSSA officers around NY and myself got the opportunity to network with each other- allowing us to grow our chapters by plausibly collaborating for future events. This event definitely helped me grow as an individual in my personal life, but most importantly as a professional.

Given the fact that I have yet to graduate college, growing in contacts within the field of PR can help me achieve internships, or just offer experience that I will need once I graduate. By accumulating experience and knowledge of how things are run in the world of PR, I am better prepared to enter the workforce. “

–   Jenny Carolina Osma, New York Institute of Technology PRSSA

There’s always time to give back, and encourage excellence. Following through on #GerminderPR’s commitment to PRSA and the public relations profession we hope to continue the ongoing tradition of nurturing young professionals with opportunities and mentoring for years to come.


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