A Semester in Review by Victoria Geager

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Interning for Germinder and Associates these past four months has not only taught me so much about the Public Relations Industry, but a lot about myself; and those are two things I will forever be grateful for. This has been an experience I wish every graduating college student could have had their last semester.

I will never forget my first day of work with my boss Lea-Ann Germinder. She had asked me to create content for our website and social media accounts (all things I have done at previous jobs before) but what stood out is that she asked me to create my first media report. By the end of my first week, after updates and revisions, she signed off on my media report with a smile and sent it out to our client. This first proud moment at my internship is one I could never forget because it was the first of many.

Throughout the course of my internship, I have created various media and press reports, kits and releases; each more detailed advanced every time. What has been so wonderful about my experience is that Lea-Ann asks you what you would like to do more of and your interests in the field so she can give you projects to advance your skills in it. My particular interest is the creative aspect of the industry. After hearing that, I was given the task to create an interview for America’s Veterinarian: Marty Becker. This allowed me to do extensive research but have my own creative twist on it. That interviewed published by the end of my second week with my name on it and there were plenty more to come in the near future.

What I have found so genuinely beautiful about this internship is that I have been involved in projects from the very beginning of the project from typing and editing release to physically taping up the media kits and dropping them off at Fed-Ex to send to the client. This was our Double Defense media kit that I had worked on throughout most of my time in my internship and it was wonderful to watch it come to life.

I have had so much great hands on experience that not many people my age can say they received at their internship. The knowledge that I have gained will forever be with me from my time at Germinder and Associates and this has led me to have the confidence I now have in myself while entering the job world. Graduating college is a scary thing but interning at Germinder and Associates has given me not just the experience, knowledge and confidence while pushing forward; but the excitement to go with it.

Germinder & Associates Partners with Renowned Fine Jewelry Designer, Elena Kriegner, to Bring Diamonds to Pets and their Parents this Valentine’s Day #gnfplovegiveaway

Veterinary and pet communications agency, Germinder & Associates, is partnering with Elena Kriegner on giving away three diamond heart-paw charms during the GoodNewsforPets.com 15th anniversary series contest.

New York. February 8, 2016. As the end of the 15th anniversary series contest, hosted by acclaimed animal health and news website www.GoodNewsforPets.com, draws near, site publisher Germinder & Associates is bringing the love back to the readership with a luxurious Valentine’s Day Diamond Charm Giveaway for three lucky winners.

DiamondCharm-300x200@2xThe exclusive heart-paw charm has been on the site’s hot list for the past twelve months, with readers inquiring about where to find the stunning, convertible charm-turned-pendant, designed exclusively for GoodNewsforPets.com by jewelry designer and dog lover, Elena Kriegner.

Site Founder and Germinder & Associates President Lea-Ann Germinder, APR Fellow PRSA says, “Our partnership with Elena Kriegner has been a joy, and a wonderful means to celebrate the 15th anniversary of GoodNewsforPets.com. We are passionate about supporting female business owners and entrepreneurs, so this collaboration was the perfect way for us to give back to our readers!”

Thirty-seven heart-paw charms have been given away during the anniversary celebration contests to date. To mark the annual day of love, the agency has made February’s giveaway charm an extra special one by incorporating a single diamond into each individual sterling silver charm. In addition, each winner will have a monetary donation made in their name to the animal rescue or shelter of their choice.

IMG_3959-300x300@2xAustrian born and Manhattan-based New York City award-winning jewelry designer, Elena Kriegner, is well known for her contemporary-meets-fine-jewelry style. Her ability to invent new forms of convertible jewelry have landed her much media coverage: from the Voyage collection, with rings turned pendants designs, to the Amorets collection, featuring pendant turned earring masterpieces, as well as a new way to design a ring that avoids sizing issues altogether for retailers and consumers alike.

Kriegner says, “Jewelry is the most personal physical gift that can be given and shared as a token of love. Why not extend the love to our pets too? They are part of our family, and I wanted to design something that was interchangeable between pets and their pet parents. As an avid follower of GoodNewsforPets.com, I knew this was the website I wanted to work with to make the vision for animals come alive.”

The Valentine’s Day Diamond Charm Giveaway is open for entry through midnight on February 14th, 2016. Contest Rules and restrictions apply. To enter, visit
http://goodnewsforpets.com/valentines-day-diamond-charm-giveaway/. For inquiries regarding this release, contact Lea-Ann Germinder at Lgerminder@germinder.com or call 212-367-2170. You can follow us via social media by searching for the hashtag #gnfplovegiveaway, or following us on Twitter @goodnewsforpets. Goodnewsforpets.com has curated news of interest and importance to informed pet parents inclusive of the pet industry and veterinary profession since 2000.

About Germinder & Associates
Germinder & Associates is an award-winning New York City-based agency that provides strategic counsel, digital publishing content, and national campaigns for niche markets including animal health and pet products. Follow Germinder & Associates on Twitter @GerminderPR or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GerminderPR.

A Day in the Life of an Intern : By Joe Germinder

Joe Germinder : Intern

Over my winter break I had the opportunity to do a dual internship for Germinder & Associates and Goodnewsforpets.com. I’ll be sharing my experience with you by discussing what my day to day was like, what I learned throughout the process, and how this internship has prepared me for the future.

Working in the field of public relations is very fast paced and intense. It’s a constant struggle to meet deadlines, work with people, and solve problems. The day starts early with lots of coffee and an inbox full of unread emails. When a firm is working with multiple clients there are a lot of projects that are happening at the same time. The deadlines constantly shift and change. Often, when in the middle of something, some sort of new demand comes up that needs to be met immediately. This causes you to drop whatever you are doing and shift focus to the hot task at hand. This happened a lot. Most of the time I was reading, writing, editing, and organizing. From press releases to excel worksheets I always had to make sure I was organized. There’s a lot of back and forth when 4 people need to look at the same word document, so it pays to be organized and have a good naming system for your files. I also had to edit and proof a lot which is a crucial task in public relations. To give the client the best work or to post onto a website, your work needs to be flawless. No typos, no grammatical errors, no mistakes. It may take me 15 minutes to write a document, but I’ll spend the next 20 or so more making sure it’s perfect. Because as I found out, when you send out something that isn’t perfect, it can turn into a mess and creates more work and stress than if you just did it right the first time. Measure twice, cut once.

The most fun project I worked on was the Goodnewsforpets.com 15th Anniversary Contest series. I organized and sent out prizes to the winners, helped analyze contest results, and created a Contest Series binder book full of everything Goodnewsforpets.com did over the past 9 months. I found this to be enjoyable because as I was making the binder and doing analysis I got to see all the winner’s comments and the general comments from the public. When doing analytics, I see all these numbers like website views and contest entries, and its all about getting the biggest numbers possible. But when I see people actually talking about how much they love their pets and how great this contest is, that’s when I can start to feel really good about the work we are doing. It was extremely rewarding to be a part of a company that gives back. When you do something that makes a lot of people happy and you hear about it, it really provides a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

This winter internship has been a major success in growing my skills. I continued to develop my interpersonal skills with people as we worked in a team. I got better at working under pressure and delivering quality content at a very high level of pace. I enhanced my analytical and critical thinking skills as I worked with the head editor to think about how we can solve problems and provide feedback. Although I felt extremely proficient, there seems to be no end to the learning in Word and Excel as I became ever more adept at formatting and organization. And the most exciting thing that I really got to learn was the internal management of a small business and website. And what I truly took away from that is that the word “small” is deceiving. There are so many different pieces that fit into the puzzle. It takes editors, it takes accountants, publishers, IT people, graphic designers, social media gurus etc. Everyone needs to be passionate, creative, and hard-working. And they all have to work together, on tight deadlines, each contributing tons of hours of work. And then there’s the intern, who never says no to anything and will tackle any job thrown their way with enthusiasm. And I will admit, sometimes the job may involve getting a cup of coffee for the boss or organizing a mess of files. Yet, no matter how insignificant you may seem, you play a role in the success of the business. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Be a good link, and you and the business will realize more success than you could have ever imagined.

KC Animal Health Corridor Unveils New Workforce Tools at 10th Annual Event

Corridor companies look to attract and prepare skilled animal health workforce, support future industry growth

Kansas City, Mo. – August 31, 2015 – The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor unveiled two new workforce development tools to nearly 1,000 global animal health executives tonight at its 10th annual Homecoming dinner.

Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Certification offers industry-endorsed basic skills for preferred placement in manufacturing and production positions with KC Animal Health Corridor companies, while ExploreKCCareers.com provides career exploration into the field of animal health.

Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Certification (MT1)

Launched by the Manufacturing Skills Institute in 2009, the MT1 Certification is endorsed by the National Association of Manfacturers and included in its National Skills Certification system. The KC Animal Health Corridor Advisory Board has introduced the MT1 Certification to the KC region as a mutually beneficial tool to support livability and development of talent in the region and the growth of the animal health industry in the Corridor.

“KC Animal Health Corridor companies and continuing education programs are embracing this three year certification as a true win-win for the Corridor and the KC region,” said Ian Spinks, president and general manager of Bayer Animal Health North America, and chair of the KC Animal Health Corridor Advisory Board. “Employees will be more valuable and better prepared, and employers will identify and get the candidates they need to fill critical roles within their companies.”

An MT1 Certification offers students: a three year certification which demonstrates basic skills required for manufacturing and production; a program that is industry endorsed, credential based, and third party validated; a program which can be completed alongside other certifications or degrees; and a preferred position when applying with KC Animal Health Corridor companies.

An MT1 Certification offers companies: an increase in skilled entry level candidates for production and manufacturing; less training costs than currently required for entry level employees; and confidence that candidates have the required skills for the positions in which they are hiring.

Training for the certification will be delivered as early as fall 2015 and is currently available through the following institutions or programs: Lee Summit R7 School District – Partnership with Summit Technology Academy; Missouri Western State University; Innovation Stockyard – Partnership with Hillyard Technical Center (St. Joseph); Metropolitan Community College; and Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools.


“As society moves further and further away from the farm, there is less awareness of where our food comes from,” explained Kimberly Young, president of the KC Animal Health Corridor. “This has led to a decreased awareness among high school students nationally about career opportunities within the animal health industry. ExploreKCCareers.com offers a new way for students to see where career opportunities line up with their personal interests and skills.”

ExploreKC Careers.com is designed to educate students and potential new hires through four pillars:

  1. Fiscal literacy calculator to compare salary expectations and cost of living.
  2. Self-assessment to match careers that fit with an individual’s interests and passions.
  3. Colleges and Training suggesting classes, degrees and training that fit with the careers an individual is most interested in.
  4. Career exploration will provide real jobs open today that fit with an individual’s career choice.

ExploreKCCareers.com is live today and will be initially marketed to 8,000 Ag educators through the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and the 10,000 college students affiliated with Agriculture Future of America (AFA).

Learn more at KCAnimalHealth.com.

“A priority focus on workforce development and science-based careers is something every animal health company in the Corridor strongly supports. A steady pipeline of talented, skilled individuals is key to the ongoing growth of our companies, our region and our industry,” said Spinks.

About the KC Animal Health Corridor

Companies with a business location in the KC Animal Health Corridor account for more than half of the sales generated by the global animal health industry. The Corridor, anchored by Manhattan, Kansas, and Columbia, Missouri, is home to more than 300 animal health companies, representing the largest concentration in the world. For more information, visit KCanimalhealth.com.

Germinder Named Dog Writers Association of America Agency of Record – Goodnewsforpets Will Be Third-Party Digital Platform

(New York – August 31, 2015) – Germinder & Associates is pleased to announce the agency has been named agency of record for the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA). The agency was named agency of record for the Cat Writer’s Association of America earlier this year. Both organizations were the first media partners for Germinder’s seminal website Goodnewsforpets.com and now the Goodnewsforpets digital platform.

“Germinder’s agency founder Lea-Ann Germinder has a long history of supporting the DWAA and its members. Now we are thrilled to have her full agency support and the Goodnewsforpets platform to promote our programs and reach potential members and sponsors about our organization, “ said Ida Estep, DWAA President.

The venerable DWAA was founded in New York City in 1935 and is well known in the publishing world for its Maxwell Medallion awards, named after the late AKC judge Maxwell Riddle. The finalists and award recipients along with special award honors are announced on the Sunday prior to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. This year the event will be held in combination with a writing seminar as a luncheon format. The prestigious DWAA contest entry deadline will close soon on September 9, 2015.

“I am thrilled to begin this new relationship with DWAA, which is an organization near and dear to me. I have met so many outstanding members over the years and look forward to our agency promoting and publicizing this wonderful organization of highly skilled dog writers, bloggers and journalists,” said Lea-Ann Germinder, APR PRSA, President & Founder, Germinder & Associates. Germinder is also publisher of Goodnewsforpets.com.

 About DWAA

The Dog Writers Association of America is the most recognized professional writing association devoted to dogs. Founded on February 13th, 1935 by a group of editors and publishers invited to the Westminster Kennel Club, the DWAA now includes over 500 members. DWAA encompasses all aspects of the world of dog writing and publishing –showing, performance, behavior, training, health, and the human animal bond. For 80 years, DWAA has helped members share ideas for articles, helped with interviews and discussed fees and contracts. For editors and publishers, DWAA recommends members, helps with topics for articles, and suggests sources and interview subjects. For more information visit the newly relaunched website www.dogwriters.org , follow us on Facebook at Dog Writers Association of America or on twitter at @DWAA_US.

About Germinder & Associates & Goodnewsforpets.com

Germinder & Associates, Inc. is based in New York City and provides strategic counsel, digital publishing content, and national campaigns for niche markets including animal health and pet products. The newly redesigned website Goodnewsforpets.com and associated social media channels forms a digital platform that curates news of interest and importance to informed pet parents inclusive of the veterinary profession and pet industry. For information about Germinder & Associates services or Goodnewsforpets sponsorships, contact Lea-Ann Germinder at Lgerminder@germinder.com or 917-334-8682 or 212-367-2170. Follow us on Facebook at GerminderAssociates, or on twitter @GerminderPR.

Germinder & Associates Named PR Agency for NYC-Based Assisi Animal Health

(New York) – July 10, 2015 – Germinder & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the firm has been named public relations agency partner for New York City-based Assisi Animal Health. The agency will work with Assisi to introduce the company, its line of products and patented technologies to the veterinary profession and to the pet-owning public.

“We selected Germinder & Associates as a strategic partner based on their in-depth knowledge of veterinary medicine communications and public relations expertise. We believe they will be highly effective in helping us communicate the benefits of our products and services,” said John Wilkerson, Chief Executive Officer of Assisi Animal Health.

The first assignment for the agency is the introduction of the company, targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (tPEMF) and the company’s new Assisi Loop 2.0 at the American Veterinary Medical Association in Boston, MA, July 10-14, 2015.

“We are proud of our 17 year heritage in helping animal health companies achieve their goals in both bringing products to the veterinary profession and educating the pet-owning public. We are thrilled to add Assisi Animal Health to our client roster and look forward to working with them,” Lea-Ann Germinder, APR Fellow PRSA, founder and president of Germinder & Associates and publisher of Goodnewsforpets.com.


Germinder Associates, Inc. is a NYC-based agency, with a satellite office in Kansas City, Mo. The agency was founded in 1998 by Lea-Ann Germinder. The agency provides strategic counsel, digital publishing content, and national campaigns for niche markets including animal health and pet products. For information, contact Lea-Ann Germinder at Lgerminder@germinder.com or visit www.germinder.com. Follow on Twitter at @GerminderPR and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GerminderPR.

Assisi Animal Health was acquired in 2013 by Dr. John Wilkerson, a successful medical industry entrepreneur and life science growth investor. Assisi Animal Health is a science-based company specializing in offering clinical therapeutic solutions to veterinarians or by veterinary prescription only to pet owners. Based on its philosophy of a Circle of Care™, the company helps veterinary professionals and pet owners join to provide the optimal level of care for animals. For more information, visit http://www.assisianimalhealth.com. Follow on Twitter at @assisiloop and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/assisipets.

Germinder & Associates Sponsors 2015 Kansas City Animal Health Corridor Events

Germinder & Associates, Inc. has announced the company will once again be a top level presenting sponsor of the 2015 Kansas City Animal Health Corridor Homecoming Event and the Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum. The Homecoming Event takes place on Monday, August 31st, while the Animal Health Investment Forum will be held on Tuesday, September 1st.

“We are pleased to have Germinder & Associates sponsor the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor events. The public relations firm is highly regarded for its expertise in the animal health sector, and has been a valued partner since the Corridor’s inception,” said Kim Young, Vice President, Bioscience Development for the Kansas City Area Development Council.

The Homecoming dinner regularly attracts over 800 animal health CEOs, industry service providers, as well as higher education and civic leaders. This year’s Homecoming will be held Monday, August 31st at the Kansas City Convention Center Grand Ballroom. This year’s celebrity guest is Dayton Moore, Senior Vice President-Baseball Operations/General Manager of the Kansas City Royals. Ian Spinks, President and General Manager of Bayer HealthCare LLC’s Animal Health Division, North America, will host this prestigious event.

The KC Animal Health Investment Forum will be held Tuesday, September 1st in Kansas City. Multiple companies will present at this year’s Forum, representing innovation for a variety of species and disciplines, and will travel to KC from throughout the United States and the world.

“While our company continues to expand in New York City, our animal health roots remain firmly planted in Kansas City. We are thrilled to help the Corridor celebrate its 10th anniversary with these events and look forward to attending. I encourage any company interested in what’s happening in animal health to participate in the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor events,” said Lea-Ann Germinder, APR, Fellow PRSA, President of Germinder & Associates, Inc.